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We develop strategies, support leaders, and generate revenue for justice-centered nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Increase your organization’s impact through our tailored approach. Raise more money. Find and develop talent.


Enhance Your Impact – Click, Share, Donate, Change the World

Empower your nonprofit with our leading-edge digital fundraising and advocacy services. Our expert team specializes in developing impactful online campaigns, ensuring a seamless, efficient and donor-optimized experience. We create, implement and integrate digital advertising, social media, email, and text campaigns, and provide data-driven insights to continuously optimize results. Additionally, our advocacy services focus on grassroots mobilization, targeted campaigns, and social media outreach, helping your organization effectively influence change and amplify its voice on critical issues.
As your dedicated partners in progress, we offer a tailored approach, leveraging our proven track record and innovative solutions to propel your nonprofit toward sustained success. Discover the transformative power of our digital strategies for your organization. 



Our firm is founded by Black women who lead with love.

Our commitment to racial justice guides everything we do: how we run our business, who we hire, and the clients we choose to work with. Our consultants and vendors represent the diversity of America and we provide our clients with sustainable strategies that enable them to live out a commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, justice, and accessibility.

B Lab U.S. & cANADA


B Lab U.S. & Canada's collaboration with English Hudson Consulting proved integral for our enhanced fundraising strategies. English Hudson's team demonstrated an extraordinary understanding of our objectives and values. Their tailored approach to prospect research and strategic planning was both thorough and innovative.

One of the standout aspects of our partnership was English Hudson's involvement in team pitches, where their strategic advice was invaluable. They provided insights that enhanced our understanding of potential funders, sharpening our pitches to resonate more deeply with our target audience.

This strategic guidance, coupled with their comprehensive research and analysis, led to the identification of numerous new funding opportunities. Their assistance in refining our value proposition and thematic focus for proposals has notably improved our engagement with potential funders.

English Hudson Consulting's commitment to our success was evident throughout our collaboration. Their contributions have been instrumental in setting a strong foundation for B Lab U.S. & Canada's fundraising initiatives, ensuring long-term benefits and success.

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