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Love, our racial justice framework, and a deep belief in the inherent abundance of our communities guide everything we do at English Hudson. Founded by Lynn English and Marlissa Hudson, English Hudson aligns resources with mission-driven organizations through strategies that come from and are executed by the communities they serve.

We do our work intentionally, sustainably, and always with the knowledge that our efforts solve multiple problems. We help raise money and bring other resources to supporting organizations that are on the front lines of creating social change. We’re working to change the face of philanthropic fundraising and ensure that more organizations of, for, and by the community have the resources they need to positively impact their communities. 

We live our values by circulating our dollars within our community whenever possible through our hiring practices, and developing the next generation of fundraising activists by intentionally bringing people into the world of ethical consulting who have never done this before but are perfect for the job. And we are operating English Hudson to be as earth-friendly as possible.

We’re not like or competing with any other consulting firm. We’re building a whole new world with love, justice, and abundance at its core.

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Our values


At English Hudson, justice means ensuring Black and Brown people play a significant role in redistributing resources into Black and Brown communities. There is a right way to do capitalism and we’ve been doing it for 20+ years.


At English Hudson, we optimize every aspect of our business to ensure we’re working sustainably, intentionally, and exceeding client expectations. Expect consistent and clear communication about your project and work that leads to real results for your organization. 


At English Hudson, we believe in abundance—a world where everyone has what they need to thrive. In order to build that world, we prioritize growing and developing organizations to a place where they no longer need our services because they have learned how to sustain themselves. 


At English Hudson, the health and wellness of our team comes first because we know that if we’re not taking care of ourselves, we can’t stay innovative and produce the custom strategies that get results for our clients and the communities they serve.


AARP Experience Corps
Academy of Hope
Action Center on Race and the Economy
African Freedom of Information Centre
Alliance for Citizenship
American Constitution Society
Americans for Financial Reform
Association of Black Foundation Executives
Campaign for Youth Justice
Center for Community Change
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Children’s Dental Health Project
College Success Foundation
Community Foundation (Greater Washington)
Council of Great City Schools
DC Action for Children
DC Promise Neighborhood Initiative DEMOS
Economic Policy Institute
Edgewood/Brookland Family Support Collaborative
Equal Justice USA

Fair Chance
Faith in Action
Goodwill Industries

International Human Rights Project for Girls
Insight Center
Insight Center for Economic Development
Latin American Youth Center
Make Room
Montgomery County Maryland

National Conference on Citizenship

National Trust for Historic Preservation
Partnership for Working Families

Progressive Life Center
Public Allies

The Elizabeth Ministries

The Meyer Foundation
The Public Welfare Foundation
Washington Area Women’s Foundation
United Way National Capital Area
Year Up National Capital Region

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