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Marlissa Hudson has over ten years of successful collaborations in both the nonprofit and private sectors, including a niche in corporate engagement, major gift fundraising, and proposal development. With a background in grant writing, she has also secured funding for organizations ranging from early childhood education to overseas travel and performance opportunities. Marlissa graduated from Duke University with a B.A. in music and sociology and received her Master of Music from the Peabody Institute of Johns Hopkins University. Active in philanthropy, she is a member of the Women of Color Connecting Leadership Council.

Lynn English (she/Her)

Lynn English launched her consulting practice over twenty years ago in Washington, DC.  She has also served as a fundraising executive for organizations including AARP Experience Corps, Center for Community Change, Latin American Youth Center, Year Up National Capital Region, and others. Lynn holds a B.A. in English from Georgetown University and a M.A. in English Literature from the University of Maryland at College Park. She serves on the Board of Directors for Safe Shores, the DC Children’s Advocacy Center and is Vice Chair of the Access to Integrative Medicine Institute. She is the co-author of Winning Grants, Step by Step, 5th Edition (Wiley Press, 2019).

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Mistyre Bonds (She/They)

Mistyre (she/they) hails from the 336 and 919–depending on the day. As an organizer, she has participated as a board member of several advocacy organizations, and was the founder of ARTivision, a student-run non-profit at the intersection of art and activism.  In community with other Black fem organizers, she advocated for the successful removal of Silent Sam at UNC-CH. Mistyre is a creative Innovation and Operations Director who believes that social justice should be accessible. She combines their unique background in organizing, performance art, and user experience design to combine technical know-how and empathy to craft solutions for organizations, and help them ethically engage with their communities. Offline, she enjoys yoga, pilates and taking up space on someone’s stage.


rahnesia best (She/Her)

Rahnesia hails from Jacksonville, NC and Jamaica. As an organizer she has extensive experience with organizing, developing, and facilitating groups of people around a common mission or goal. Her 15-year career in education brings a wealth of knowledge in communications and project/program management. Rahnesia is a dedicated Lead Consultant who believes in supporting and working with communities of color to gain entrance into any and all areas from which they are normally excluded. She combines her unique background in education, advocacy, and management to keep both English Hudson and client trains moving forward on-time and efficiently. Offline, she enjoys reading, traveling, going to the movies, shopping and meditation.


kristen marion (She/Her)

Kristen hails from High Point, NC. As an advocate, she has engaged in both grassroots and nonprofit organization activism for a variety of organizations on the east coast in NC, D.C., and MA. Kristen is a dedicated Development Manager who believes the allocation of resources to underserved communities is a huge component of our liberation. She combines her unique background in arts, organizing, and people management so that clients reach their goals. Offline, she enjoys hiking.


Tatum robertson (She/Her)

Tatum hails from New Orleans, LA. As an organizer she has extensive experience with driving change. Tatum is a unique Lead Consultant who believes that the ability to experience a work community of all Black folk/women is RARE. The opportunity to shape narratives that center Black communities is even more rare and pivotal. She combines her unique background in arts, teaching, and nonprofits to cultivate authentic, integral strategies that bring ethical success to their organizations’ missions. Offline, she enjoys yoga, long walks, conversations with friends and family, and the occasional shopping splurge.

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Naomi fedna (she/her)

Naomi (she/her) hails from Randolph/Massachusetts/Boston/Haiti. As an advocate she has used her talents to write, share, and  bring to life the stories of the marginalized and forgotten. Naomi is a down to earth Lead Writer who believes in increasing economic mobility for Black people.  She combines her unique background in storytelling, fellowship, and systems to provide writing services for clients seeking to expand their racial equity programs. Offline, she enjoys traveling, spending time in solitude, and cooking.

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daphney jean (She/Her)

Daphney hails from Fort Liberte, Haiti and Silver Spring, MD. As an advocate she has championed international sexual and reproductive health and rights for five years as a fundraiser. During this time, her focus was explaining and uplifting everyone's rights to these services while elevating the hard work of advocates on the ground. Daphney is a passionate Lead Writer who believes that equity is at the center of her professional life, and likes that all of English Hudson's clients prioritize that in their work. She combines her unique background in psychology, research, and global development to strategically craft proposals to raise money for English Hudson clients. Offline, she enjoys taking walks and making time for exercising, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


kysani london (she/her)

Kysani (she/her) hails from Chicago, Illinois. As an advocate she co-founded an organization in her hometown that helps coordinate physical and digital spaces to uplift student voices within the Chicago Public School system. Outside of this organization, she engages in numerous protests and rallies that advocate for a more equitable society (e.g. calls for housing security, racial equity, LGBTQA+ rights). Kysani is a passionate Lead writer who believes in EH's value of improving racial equity by helping nonprofits advocate for their needs.  She combines her unique background in event planning, mentoring, and policy writing to advocate for a client's funding needs through proposal and report writing. Offline, she recharges  by spending time writing, reading, painting, listening to music, and catching up with friends and family.


Sarah Gueno (she/her)

Sarah (she/her) was born and raised in Los Angeles. As an advocate she majored in Ethnic Studies at the University of San Diego and centered her education around allyship, community organizing, community mobilizing, and protesting injustices on and off campus. Advocacy and activism have become essential components of her daily life.  Sarah is an authentic Lead Writer who enjoys that English Hudson allows her to build community and center equity in her professional life. Additionally, she appreciates EH’s investment in developing black women, and considers it a unique professional space.  She combines her unique background in teaching, event planning and non profit management to expand EH’s vision of liberation and equity. Offline, she enjoys working out, spending time outside and being with those she loves.


Kortney young (she/her)

Kortney hails from San Diego, CA. As an advocate she’s an avid participant of nonprofit organizations dedicated to addressing inequities in disenfranchised communities. Prior to relocating to Dallas, she was heavily involved in organizations advocating for San Diego’s houseless population and undocumented community, such as the ACLU. Kortney is a multi-faceted Lead Writer who believes in English Hudson’s dedication to collective liberation and equity. She combines her unique background in politics of race and  ethnicity, early childhood education and advocacy to write proposals and conduct research. Offline, she enjoys reading, discovering new music, volunteering, brunching, dog walks, and climbing.

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